Deep green tree in polymer in front of a green and yellow sky and sloping brown and green hill.

Fine Art

I am a mixed media artist at heart. I start with an acrylic pour, pouring with intention to create a landscape. Once dry, I add create trees, insects, and flowers from different colors of polymer clay. My clay starts in solid color blocks and I manipulate the clay into canes for leaves and wings.

Original art with yellow and brown background. Polymer trees and butterflies in browns, yellows, oranges, and golds. A girl in a green dress is crossing a bridge. Illustration done in procreate.


I’m in the beginning stages of illustration. I’m learning how to use Procreate to digitally draw on my art. I also still love traditional methods of illustration, and love incorporating mixed media into my work.

Mandala on white paper.  A blazing sun in oranges and yellows radiates in the background.  In the front are purple flowers growing.


Mandalas is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” or “center”. My mandalas are used as journal entries and meditations through art.


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