A landscape in oranges and greens with a yellow sky. A red giant sun floats in the sky with a white-blue moon off to the left. Original artwork by Anna Loscotoff.

Anna’s Biography

Choices, opportunities, and intuition. This is what life present to us. It’s what we do with our choices, our opportunities, our intuition, that define who we are. We try to control this world of ours, only to be reminded that everyone around us also has their own choices to make, their own intuition to follow. And sometimes their choices collide with our own, reminding us, control is an illusion. Sometimes the earth shakes and upends everything we know, it forms a crack for something new to grow. The beauty is in the new choice, the new opportunity, the new intuition that has taken seed. Letting go and allowing life to unfold creates beautiful moments.

Anna standing in front of a very yellow sunset

I look at my writing and art as a series of beautiful moments. I have choice; the words and colors I use. I have opportunities; who I approach, what goals I hope to achieve and how to reach them. I have intuition; what do I think these words and colors will convey, how will it all work together, what is the underlying feeling I am trying to share.

I want to see the beautiful moment of what happens next.

Sometimes the words, the paint, they start to move in a way that I hadn’t intended and my ego jumps in. My ego panics a bit. That wasn’t what I wanted or intended! How can I fix it? I try to manipulate the story, the painting, the mandala, back to what I thought I wanted. Then I am reminded, life is in the beautiful moments of letting go. So I let go. I wait to see what the story wanted to be. I wait to see what this painting or drawing wanted to be. I tell my ego to quiet down and let it happen.

Anna as little girl, playing in the fall leaves

I was born in 1975 in the farming rich Central Valley of California. I grew up in Porterville, Ca, the daughter of two school teachers. I sang and acted in the local community theater, and in 1993 was chosen as a Rotary exchange student to Recife, Brazil. My grandma typed every letter I sent home, gifting me 2 full volumes of my adventures.

After receiving a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development from CSUB, I taught elementary school and later became a Reading Recovery teacher.

I am a mom, a writer, an artist, and a military wife.