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Calling All Dreamers

Dreaming has always been an important aspect of my life; the images I see often feel like they are leading my direction or cluing me into some subconscious knowledge. Sometimes the images are just a jumble of chaos, processing extraneous information and setting it aside for later. Grasping these messages in waking life can feel like a puzzle.

Over the years, I’ve had many friends and family come to me to talk about dreams and their interpretations. This subject is something I want to dive more deeply into, as I continue to struggle in my own life with nightmares, nocturnal panic attacks, and complex nocturnal hallucinations.

In the next few weeks (months, years), I’ll be exploring a blog on how to interpret your dreams. This has nothing to do with looking up the symbolism on the internet or, as I did growing up, in a series of dream interpretation books. This will involve diving into real dreams, working through interpretation, reviewing books, and working on a personal dream journal.

I would like to invite you, if you have a dream you’d like to discuss, to reach out to me. With your permission, we will break down your dream, find the important symbols, find out how you respond to that symbol, and see if we can make sense of your visions while sharing the fundamental symbols here.

Some dreams are just the dumping of information; identifying which ones have more to tell us is a part of the process. Others give us insight into decisions we need to make and allow us direction. Reoccurring dreams often have important information that we are choosing to ignore or can’t quite find the seed of the message.

Along with individual dream interpretation, I’ll be looking at different symbols that are common in dreams and look at how these symbols have been interpreted over time and through different cultures.

I like to look at dreams as a personal tarot deck, with your own symbols and your own interpretation. Let us work to create your own tarot deck of dreams, your own dream interpretation bible, and find an entryway into each of our subconscious lives.

Calling All Dreamers

Have a dream you’d like to work on that you’re willing to share here? Email me at or through my contact page. I will only be working with one dream a week, although this may expand in the future.

Waking up in the morning with my dreaming friends /Loscotoff 2022
Waking up with the other dreamers.


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  1. I had a strange waking dream last night. I heard two knocks on a door or at least wood. That woke me up more. Then, I heard three knocks, and I knew who it was. I thinkbit was definitely my mother and maybe my in-laws knocking on the door or dresser near my head. I yhink they were happy that we donated some of their furniture to a Ukrainian family yesterday. My mother used to say that the dresser creaked and it was her father or mine talking to her. Now, I think she talks through it. What do you think?

    1. Hi Deborah! I don’t believe, when people pass, that they are gone from our lives. I believe there is more. (I wrote about my experience and confirmation in one of my first blogs, it’s foundational for my security in there being something more.) I think we often hear them when we are in-between sleep and awake because it’s an easier time for them to communicate as we don’t have our conscious thoughts in the way. The fact that your mother used to talk about the dresser creaking and she thought it was her father or your father talking to her, tells me she would use that same means as a way to communicate with you. It would be a connection. So, yes, I think she’s using it to communicate with you in the same way. I’m sure she was happy that you donated some furniture and she wanted to let you know that she saw you do it. Keep listening to the knocks and the creaks and see what confirmation you may get. Don’t be surprised if it’s in between asleep and awake. And don’t be afraid to talk to her.

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