Illustration in cut colored paper and Prismacolor pencils. A young girl, Lillie, in short purple dress, blond hair in pony tails, stands next to a giant green monster with curly hair and horns. Original artwork by Anna Loscotoff.


I thinks friends are incredibly important. I also think it’s incredibly important to support their passions, just as they support mine. Here are links to important people in my lives and all they amazing things that they accomplish.


My friend Bridgette is an amazing human and a true, authentic storyteller. I’m lucky to call her my friend. You can find her stories here.

Want to learn more about herbs, holistic earth based living, recipes, and gardening? Earth Gypsy is a true Earth Goddess, an amazing human, and a soul sister. Read her stories here.

Laura and I randomly met with our girls when they were tiny, wandering outside. We bonded immediately. While life has taken us in many directions, we always find our way back to support each other. Find her stories and art here.


Incredible oils, stunning sunsets and skies. April is just one of the kindest people you will ever meet! Find her work here.

An artist that truly captures the essence of our animal friends through the humanity in their eyes. You can find my dear friend Tina’s work here.

My polymer clay mentor, teacher, and friend. Check out her amazing creations here.

Young and Incredible Artists you just have to see…

Creator of Soulstream, published by Scout Comics, Saida is one of the hardest working highschool students I know. I’m so excited to see what she’ll do next. Find her work here.

Creative, quirky, and exceptionally talented, Cora Sweeney always inspires me. Find some of her work here.

A special high schooler in my life, developing and polishing her skills. You can find her work here.