Photo of me at the beach, making a heart in the sand with my feet / Loscotoff 2022

The Battle of Creativity | 52 Weeks – The Halfway Mark

Anna LoscotoffJul 14, 202210 min read

On January 1st of this year, my writing partner and I embarked on a journey of 52 weeks, 52 short stories.  The honest reflection on this, here at the halfway mark, is that it has been really hard for me. It has been a battle, a battle between me and my creativity. A battle of creativity. My mind is a jumble.  I am in constant transition of the things I…

Digital drawing of half of my female main character's face, from The Factory. Drawing by isobell.dohn.art on Instagram

The Factory | A Short Story

Anna LoscotoffJun 26, 202221 min read

263M watched as 274F pushed her mop across the factory floor.  The cans of carrots were backing up, but his hands had broken into a slippery sweat.  His job was to check for quality; was each can sealed properly, was…

Photograph of skulls in the catacombs of Paris/ Loscotoff 2016

l’Empire de la Mort | A Short Story

Anna LoscotoffJun 18, 202222 min read

Author note – This is a continuation of Week Four’s Rapture in Reverse. I recommend reading it first. You can read it HERE. l’Empire de la Mort Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la mort! Stop! This is the empire of…

Sunset in Paradise , Bahia/ Loscotoff 2011

Paradise | A Chapter

Anna LoscotoffJun 11, 202215 min read

We set out early, the ocean calm and the sun just rising over the horizon.  The colors of the sky and water mimic each other’s pastel blues, the puffy white clouds reflect in the clear flat ocean.  Every year we…

Image of my niece and daughter with the Superman Logo/ Loscotoff 2022

Superman | A Short Story

Anna LoscotoffMay 21, 202225 min read

The little boy with the black hair ran about the campsite in his Superman cape. “Mommy, watch!” The boy jumped from a rock, rolling in the dirt. “Pow!  Pow!  Look mommy, look!” But Mommy didn’t look.  Mommy was trying to…

I am currently unagented. The following are pitches for works in progress

The Mourning Rose

Middle Grade Fiction, High Fantasy

Thirteen-year-old Ellie’s dreams are dangerously real. When Ellie’s dream world invades reality, her mother is kidnapped by The Mourning Rose, a pirate who sails between worlds. Determined to rescue her mother, Ellie enlists the help of her emotionally distant father and her ancient talking cat, Sphinx. Catapulted into a dark world, Ellie must sacrifice her own freedom to save her mother, bringing light to a powerful family secret.

Alice and Henri

Picture Book

Alice doesn’t like art, but when a painted rabbit leaps from a museum canvas, Alice has no choice but to follow the rabbit into the world and art of Henri Rouseau. Together, Alice and Henri chase the rabbit from the landscapes of France into Roussau’s rich jungles. Alice discovers art is more than paint on canvas and museums have hidden secrets, but how will Alice find her way home?