A midnight rose garden. The background is painted in black, grays, white and red. There is a polymer moon above a rose garden made of polymer roses. Original artwork by Anna Loscotoff.


  • Close up Ink drawing of the lighthouse keeper, Abe/ Loscotoff 2022/ he introduces us to the "Dilemma of Purpose"

    The Dilemma of Purpose | A Short Story

    “Ahhh, the dilemma of purpose. Some walk through life never giving it a thought. Some live life as a cliffhanger. Some, like you, never quite know.”

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  • The Las Vegas sign with blood dripping from the Las Vegas letters, Digital drawing by Anna Loscotoff, 2022.

    My Forever Love | A Short Story

    Mysterious and beautiful.  A place to escape. A place alive at night with numb, wandering souls. A place for us, my forever love.

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  • A ball of wires held in someone's hands/ Loscotoff 2022, short story of paranoia

    White Coats | A Short Story

    It was Saturday when I set the explosives. The men in the white coats, they’ve been watching me.

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  • Original Art by Anna Loscotoff, the constellation Andromeda

    Andromeda’s Lament | A Poem

    Andromeda, the chained woman, screams to the heavens.

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  • Two Roman Coins, top face of the cufflinks described in the story/ Loscotoff 2022

    The Cufflinks | A Short Story

    Slowly and with much bodily protest, Eleanore stooped to pick up the silver cufflinks, turning them in her palm. They had been a gift to her first husband.

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  • Digital drawing of a Murder of Crows in front of the moon/ Loscotoff 2022

    A Murder of Crows | A Short Story

    As her eyes opened, the crows landed around her in a circle.  They laid for her nuts and seeds and then, hopping, the murder of crows led her back to her home, now barren.

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  • My daughter lays cuddling against my chest / Loscotoff 2007

    The Imperfect Self | Short Story

    She squats and unzips it. That is when I tumble out.  Unkempt. My imperfect self. She crawls in, the perfect me, the one I save to show the world.

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  • Digital drawing of a man and woman dancing a tango. Loscotoff 2022

    The Tango | A Short Story

    His arm cradled my back, the rough of his chin pressed against my temple. The tango was slow, my feet tracing the wood as this man moved me.

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  • Title photo for the Cult of Cait story. Painting by Anna Loscotoff, images of forms, 2016

    The Cult of Cait | A Short Story

    I was dozing when she knocked on my door. The sun had long set, and I should have been looking into my dreams, but I was waiting for her.

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  • Digital art Rat by Anna Loscotoff, Geometric Rat in Blue and Orange

    The Community | A Short Story

    A white van with the logo on the side, three orange circles stacked inside each other; the child, the mother, and the Community. 

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I am currently unagented. The following are pitches for works in progress

The Mourning Rose

Middle Grade Fiction, High Fantasy

Thirteen-year-old Ellie’s dreams are dangerously real. When Ellie’s dream world invades reality, her mother is kidnapped by The Mourning Rose, a pirate who sails between worlds. Determined to rescue her mother, Ellie enlists the help of her emotionally distant father and her ancient talking cat, Sphinx. Catapulted into a dark world, Ellie must sacrifice her own freedom to save her mother, bringing light to a powerful family secret.

Alice and Henri

Picture Book

Alice doesn’t like art, but when a painted rabbit leaps from a museum canvas, Alice has no choice but to follow the rabbit into the world and art of Henri Rouseau. Together, Alice and Henri chase the rabbit from the landscapes of France into Roussau’s rich jungles. Alice discovers art is more than paint on canvas and museums have hidden secrets, but how will Alice find her way home?