A midnight rose garden. The background is painted in black, grays, white and red. There is a polymer moon above a rose garden made of polymer roses. Original artwork by Anna Loscotoff.


  • Digital drawing of a match flame in the style of oil pastels, Anna Loscotoff 2022

    The Flame | A Poem and Short Story

    The Flame, duality of love and fire. Two poems. The first flame, poem on our lovers. The last flame, one of fire and change. Life in a dreamscape of passion.

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  • Watercolor city in the distance. Painting by Anna Loscotoff, 2022

    The Hitchhiker | A Short Story

    The Hitchhiker. I see a woman standing at the crossroads of the country road, her thumb sticking out.  Her hair is long and dark and straight; like mine. 

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  • Drink the Kool-Aid | A Short Story

    “Drink the Kool-Aid,” says dad. “Drink the Kool-Aid,” said mom. I hear the sirens headed our way. “They don’t know it was us,” I say.

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  • Rainbow colored light sits on the horizon under dark clouds and above a dark sea. Photo by Anna Loscotoff, 2016.

    Rapture in Reverse | A Short Story

    It didn’t happen exactly the way we all thought it would; the rapture, that is. It was a Thursday, 2041, and 75% percent of the world’s population was gone.

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  • The Cardboard Prince | A Short Story

    The Cardboard Prince Sylvie “Must I scrub the floors too?” said Sylvie with a dramatic roll of her eyes. “Perhaps you would like to throw lentils into the fireplace, and have me pick them out for you?” “Sylvie, it’s just the dishes. And it’s your turn.” Sylvie sighed the all too familiar, all too dramatic…

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  • Art by Anna Loscotoff, 2022. Pen and Ink drawing. Close-up of a boy standing behind a fence. There is a forest behind him and the yard in overgrown in font of him.

    The Rifle | A Short Story

    A Winchester .44-40 rifle sits in that box, lever action. He caresses it as he has never been caressed. The steel barrel is old but clean.

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  • A girl in a white dress stands in a ring of stones surrounded by mist. Photo by Anna Loscotoff, 2022.

    Avalon | A Short Story

    The fog swirls around my feet as I walk along the edge of the lake. There are shadows. It has been many years since I have seen the shores of home, Avalon.

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  • My daughter and myself in a house of cardboard, Little Houses, 2012

    The 52 Weeks Writing Challenge

    We decided this year to take on a challenge; 52 weeks, 52 short stories. This week, my friend Bridgette and I, begin a journey of words and ideas.

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  • Day 15 progress, 2021, traveling through Oz.

    The River | Oz – day 15

    So the Woodman took his axe and began to chop down small trees to make a raft, and while he was busy at this the Scarecrow found on the river bank a tree full of fine fruit. L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Thoughts This chapter is really more of a transition chapter…

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  • The Kalidahs | Oz – Day 14

    On day 14 of my NaNoWriMo project; retelling The Wizard of Oz, we meet the Kalidahs; mythical creatures with the heads of tigers and the bodies of bears.

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I am currently unagented. The following are pitches for works in progress

The Mourning Rose

Middle Grade Fiction, High Fantasy

Thirteen-year-old Ellie’s dreams are dangerously real. When Ellie’s dream world invades reality, her mother is kidnapped by The Mourning Rose, a pirate who sails between worlds. Determined to rescue her mother, Ellie enlists the help of her emotionally distant father and her ancient talking cat, Sphinx. Catapulted into a dark world, Ellie must sacrifice her own freedom to save her mother, bringing light to a powerful family secret.

Alice and Henri

Picture Book

Alice doesn’t like art, but when a painted rabbit leaps from a museum canvas, Alice has no choice but to follow the rabbit into the world and art of Henri Rouseau. Together, Alice and Henri chase the rabbit from the landscapes of France into Roussau’s rich jungles. Alice discovers art is more than paint on canvas and museums have hidden secrets, but how will Alice find her way home?